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Hello, and welcome to my website. I want everyone to feel comfortable to be themselves.

Join us in spreading love and the feeling of acceptance. 


We all have unique gifts and talents. If we chose to not use, practice, and execute these talents we will find a lot of regret later. Life is entirely too precious, fragile, and short to not be who you want to be. 

So how about me? What makes me happy?

My furry children (dogs) creating and making things with my hands, making silly videos, riding my scooter with Temperance, playing the ukulele, guitar, bass, sunshine, grass between my toes, Barney’s almond butter….yummy…drool…hehehe, 

Back in 2009 I began passing out randomly and getting a lot of stomach distress. Going from 175lbs solid muscle to 89lbs in 6months, I found myself often at the hospital and E.R room. After years of testing, moving, and pain the doctors found that I had a bone marrow disease and a heart condition.


sick time collage 


At age 25 I received my pacemaker and started with my treatment. I had many complications, one of which was with my TPN feeding pick line. They had put it in wrong and my arm was going numb a lot. Once they took it out, I had a large clot at the end and had I not had it removed when I did…well who knows what could of happened. 

During these times I learned a lot about natural remedies, nutrition, meditation, how to appreciate the small things in life, and so much more. I really want to use my story and my knowledge to help other people. There is of course much more to my story, but who reads all of this on the about me section anyways>? LOL 😛 

Over the past year, I have dedicated myself to writing a children’s book that has been in my head for years. The book titled Wiener Dog, Wiener Dog, How’d You Get So Long? has a message of love, acceptance, and not judging due to appearance. 

Stay tuned for updates and join us on Instagram @wienerdogman


Illustrated by Emily Jade-Hercock and myself Paul Cross

df44dffccb5c9129d2255ce28058cadb Visit her website today 🙂





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